​Simply put, we are a collection of like mind believers with resolute faith. We believe that God has called every believer to be witnesses and to spread the Good News - That Jesus Christ has risen.

  • We've experienced God's exceeding grace.
  • We've known God's eternal mercy.
  • We've read the end of The Book - and we win.


       Whether you're a new Christian or an 'old' timer, Ambassadorships wants to help you increase your ability to more effectively defend your beliefs to others. The fancy name used for this defending the faith  is of having a Christian apologetic. 

       Regrettably our world has embraced such outrageous beliefs as: no longer believing in a God, no longer believing in a good verses evil, and that there is no real external legitimacy to the concepts right or wrong. 

       Ambassadorships refuses to shrink back from all the world's "isms" like: Materialism, Naturalism, Empiricism, Existentialism, Secular Humanism and Post-modernism. In the world of ideas, those positions fail to meet basic criteria; sometimes by not adhering to logical consistency or sometimes by simply denying truths and non-supportive evidence. Someday, the dis-information and suppression will end. Truth will eventually win out

       Ambassadorships recognizes the value of Socrates proclamation that, "The un-examined life is not worth living."

       What's more:  we, as Christians, have made that examination and discovered to our satisfaction that God is and that through His son, Jesus Christ, we have been given the opportunity to experience true life.