That God is:

And philosophers have missed important details that prove it. A Conversaunt Existence examines the standard philosophical arguments for the existence of God and the inherent inadequacies in them. It goes on to point out failures of the worldviews that have been built upon those philosophical inadequacies and the outright denial of God’s existence which has since arisen.

A Conversaunt Existence has made new developments to these arguments which have strengthened and unified these particular arguments for the existence of God. These adaptations are corroborated with additional evidence. The new suppositions that are developed and supported ultimately lead to the conclusion that God is, that He is a personal God, and that He is very interested in us and in His Creation.

The American culture has moved decidedly away from the God and Creator of the Universe. A Conversaunt Existence confronts this apostasy. It is a must for anyone who works with a Christian apologetic, is serious about defending their faith and presenting the gospel message of Jesus Christ to a fallen world.​ 

​A precise one sentence statement that describes this book is: A Conversaunt Existence provides new evidence for defending God’s existence to a fallen, disbelieving world. 

A Conversaunt Existence